Though we love English bulldogs, we realize that
they are not the breed for everyone. Before
purchasing an English bulldog puppy you should
take the time to read through the information on
this site(click on the links) to help you decide if
they are right for you. Find out the pros and cons
of owning a bulldog and get the
basic facts! If you
have any questions please
email me or call me. I
would be happy to assist you in making this
decision. If you know this is the breed for you , you
can check our
Available Puppies page to see if
we have any puppies for sale.
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AKC Champions for sale
English Bulldog Pups for sale
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Panhandle Bulldogs
Nebraska Panhandle Bulldogs  
Gering, Ne 69341
Welcome to Panhandle
Turning everyone into bulldog lovers, one puppy
at a time!

We are located in the Panhandle of Nebraska, where we raise and
breed English Bulldogs.  All of our
puppies are hand raised and
pampered by us! We take our job as breeders seriously and only
breed when we can
improve the breed. This means taking the time to research
pedigrees to insure our puppies have great   
temperaments , beautiful conformations ,and most of all,
that they are
healthy! We have quality English Bulldog Puppies for sale once or twice a year. When we
have puppies for sale, you can insure that they are well bred, AKC registered and have great
bloodlines. Imprinting starts as soon as they are born. We spend quality time with each puppy, so they
are well socialized, and  spoiled, before going to their new homes!
We are now offering a Free
30 day trial of pet medical insurance, through Trupanion, with every purchase!!
Jade lounging
Brother and sister kissing
EB at 8 weeks, our second bulldog
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